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Soda Pipes is a fun puzzle game with several modes and an addictive gameplay
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Soda Pipes is a fun and colorful puzzle game with several game modes and an addictive gameplay appealing to puzzle fans, and for those who want to put to test their strategy skill and fast reflexes.
What we have to do is basically construct a pipeline and prevent the flowing soda from spilling on the floor. Pieces come from a conveyor belt, where we pick them and try to connect them in the line. There are three game modes to play, first, adventure mode, is the most exciting of all as you have to overcome the first eight practice levels and then face the real challenging stages at the fastest speed. In this mode, you are going to find the most thrilling and mysterious levels. Then, Puzzle mode is a sort of solitaire puzzle, as there is no timer nor need to hurry, but it challenges you to complete a level using all of the available pieces, so here you have to use your strategy and logic and manage to create a closed pipeline with all the pieces. Finally, there is Arcade mode, which gives you more points as you increase your speed. In turn, each mode has three speeds to choose from, slow, middle, and fast, so everyone will find a game according to their ability.

The game interface is plenty of bright colors, its really eye-catching, and the music and sound effects suit the game perfectly. A fully functional version of the game can be tried out for 60 minutes.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Attractive interface
  • Fun and addictive
  • Several game modes


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